Sunday, May 29, 2011


Here is a little girls baby afghan i whipped up back in January. I've made another one since then but now, since we know we're having boys, I'd better get busy on some baby blue one's! Crochet is my favorite thing to do but, I also love to sew and paint. When I have time , a little wood working also.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Got Crocks, Jugs or Jars? You may like this little sign to go with them! Just a little something for the home decor. I've sold some of these too, I do them in blue, black , and tan. This sign is also on ebay with a tan one. Like I said, I like to make things. Most crafters have more than one project going at a time. Or at least I do and I think my Brittany Jo does to! I love crocks and jars and have a small collection of blue mason jars. And will have a few crocks once we build a house to put them in. But, that may be a while. One never knows though?


I've been busy this year, making something all the time! Here's my latest creation i've been working on . I have about four sets of these to finish in different homespun fabric. This set is black and tan checked with an Osnaburg stenciled panel along one edge. I love the primitive look it has with the crows and stars! I love making things and just put this set on ebay. Making more in blue and khaki plaid and whatever else I find in my craft room! These days there's always something to do, you know what I mean, yard work, house work, watering the flowers,but right now I'm in waiting. Waiting for 3 grandsons to arrive!!!!!!!! YES! 3 grandbabies coming all in September and they are all boys. I'm very excited! What a load of fun! The more, the merrier!