Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday candle mat

Here is a new Holiday candle mat, I've finally got finished! This one is a Santa candle mat. Just in time for the Holiday season. Been very busy these days with the 3 new grandbabies! I go to Bloomington, IL two days a week with my middle daughter, and watch the baby while she goes to school. She's going to be an Audiologist and this is her last semester of classroom work. So, I'm trying to help her out because she needs it. And her husband is in the Illinois State Police Academy and only gets to come home on the weekends. But just two and a half more months of that left. Then when I'm not there, I work part-time as a rural carrier and have picked up a couple of Saturdays this month so far. Wow! It's a busy time with Thanksgiving coming up, Christmas shopping, Shotgun deer season, babies coming to visit , and just normal stuff to do. But I'm trying to get in a few projects in between everything.